How to outsource your product development without financial and time risks!

If you have experienced it, this is unacceptable

  • When the team did everything right but was still dissatisfied.
  • When the task is laid out and you still don't get the result you want.
  • When you've spent a lot of money and still haven't enjoyed the final development.
  • When the expectation and reality in development look like the exact opposite.
  • When all the deadlines were blown and the result still didn't work out.

How do we begin our work?

Begin your projects with our essential IT services: Solution Review (for existing projects) and Workshop (for idea implementation). Discover how our solution review ensures reliability and quality, while our interactive workshops foster innovation and collaboration. Unlock the full potential of your endeavors with us.

The Workshop - your digital idea's blueprint factory!

This includes Product Documentation, Technical Documentation, Software Testing Plan, Design Phase, and Decomposition and Timeline. We ensure that both the client and the development team have a clear understanding of the final product and the client's expectations. We provide clickable mockups to visualize the end result, break down the project into manageable parts with cost estimates, establish precise timelines, and provide an architecture that allows for scalability.

What you will get:

  • transforming concepts into concrete, clickable mockups
  • decomposition with cost estimates, timelines, and an architecture that allows for scalability
  • understanding of your expectations

Who we are

Cody Ukraine is a technical driver that thrifty and fast launches your MVP. Best development experts in AR/VR, E-Commerce, Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency, and Mobile dev.

We also have expertise with IoT and High-Load solutions. The company focuses on solid management and builds highly describe processes.

Cody statistics

90 +

IT nomads in the team


years of coding practice

30 M+

Our customer raised

200 k

of productive working hours

What our clients say

We are very pleased to be working with the Cody Ukraine team. And after the successful launch of one project, we will definitely come back to them for the next one. If I had to recommend a dev team. I guess this is the one.
Cody Ukraine's engineering team lead is one of the best engineers I've ever worked with. His ability to both design systems and architecture as well as dive in an write/push high volumes of code was extremely impressive. Additionally, I was impressed with his depth of knowledge and ability to jump into any part of the code stack, whether it was front-end, back-end, and even in our case computer vision, graphics, and rendering.
To be honest in the beginning of the project I had some concerns, but on the first Demo they showed good results, deadlines meeting and knowledge that showed experience I realised everything was going awesome. The second Demo also showed good progress and I was really happy we were working with the current team.
Altos Inc.
Alina Ganova, CEO&Co-Founder
Cody helped us to bring to life the very first version of the supporting app for our hardware product Altos. We appreciate their curiosity and willingness to explore the technologies that they might not be familiar with, their dedication and professionalism, and their ability to admit their mistakes and make sure that clients are happy with the final result. Cody’s team is doing great work and we appreciate the ownership they show for the product they are working on.
Woodenshark LLC
Stan Bakaliar, CEO
Woodenshark LLC would like to thank CODY LLC for its professionalism, high competence, and meticulous timelines in the preparation of Andriod and iOS applications for our main project. We especially want to note the attention to detail, the timely correction of system errors, and loyalty in negotiations.
Tetiana Grynova, Founder
Kindchallenge Public Organization shows you respect and appreciation for your work. We are fully satisfied with the level and quality of service while working with СODY UA in developing our website from August 2020. We intend to continue our work on the website and willingly recommend the company СODY UA to other clients.
Alexey Kolodkin, PMP
Cody’s Back-end team handled our SDK’s backend part development with assuredness and diligence, displaying the ability to follow directions while adding their own creative input in a diplomatic and useful way. Proficiency and expertise make Cody a valuable asset to the business. I recommend Cody as a Technology expert to connect with and consider for anything appropriate.
Kiril Petrov, Founder&Product Owner
Cody's Mobile Team implemented Computer vision and AR into one standalone technology for the detection of body parts for our Mobile product. I'm totally satisfied with the Team’s performance, the guys were fully agile and flexible and covered our Product's needs for 100%.
Invogue Fashion Group
Karlova Tatyana, CEO
For everyone who is looking for a reliable partner for the development of digital projects, I'd like to recommend CODY Ukraine. The CODY team conducted a detailed audit of our project, analyzed weaknesses, and provided options for solving problems. All of this was done in a short time, with perfect communication and understanding of the requirements of our business. CODY, in addition to the detailed report, you left pleasant memories of the work behind you!

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What do we offer?

Product documentation that describes the user story and how users interact with each product feature.

Product UX sketches, basic prototype screens, where and what to find

Roadmap for the development team, master plan with described architecture, and server-side costs.

Described design solutions that contain best practice references and code examples for developers.

Decomposition of the project into separate screens and features for all product parts with estimated hours required to develop each screen and quality.

A timeline based on the team and the required development hours. With the exact release date and delivery of the demo.

FAQ for clients

How do Workshops at Cody facilitate innovation and collaboration in new projects?

Can you explain how Cody minimizes financial and time risks in product development?

What makes the interactive workshops by Cody unique in fostering innovation and collaboration?

Can Cody services accommodate projects at any stage of development?