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Cody guides startups from concept to exit, turning ideas into market-ready products and fueling growth with technical expertise to ensure they're prepared for successful exits.


From ideation to MVP, developing innovative tech solutions that attract investors and early adopters.


Quickly scaling development teams with strategic staff augmentation to meet rapid growth demands.


Guiding startups through digital transformation to maximize efficiency and disrupt traditional industries.


Providing audits for startups to refine product direction and enhance market fit before scaling.


Supporting startups with ongoing tech development, ensuring they stay ahead in fast-paced markets.


Creating agile IT teams through the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) option, setting startups on a path for technological independence and success.

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Apr 17, 2024
The Ultimate Guide to ChatGPT 4: Features and Benefits
Open AI recently released GPT 4, the latest version of the GPT advanced language model, and its creators have ensured that GPT 4 performs like a human on a wider range of tasks compared to its predecessor. An upgrade from GPT-3.5, GPT 4 can perform complex tasks more accurately. One of the notable features of GPT 4 is its ability to interpret images.
32 min.
Apr 5, 2024
A Complete Guide to Google Bard?
Designed by Google, Bard AI is a chatbot tool powered by artificial intelligence. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to mimic human-like conversations. To leverage the power, intelligence, and creativity of extensive language models, it taps into a vast reservoir of global knowledge.
34 min.
Feb 28, 2024
Bard vs. ChatGPT: What's the difference?
The global AI sector is undergoing an unprecedented surge, with a projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of more than 38%. It is anticipated that by the decade, the industry will attain an astonishing value of more than $1,8 billion. This remarkable growth can be attributed to groundbreaking advancements in generative AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard.
8 min.

As a leading startup product development company, Cody transforms startup concepts into successful products that resonate with audiences and stand out in the market.

Startup Product Development Company

Cody develops startup products that generate interest and make your venture a success. We know what it takes to win other startup projects, and that's why we are ready to be your trustworthy partner. Our team has all the necessary knowledge, skills, and passion needed to serve various startup sectors, from ideating products in GameDev or Media and Entertainment to optimizing Operations and Resource Management.

Cody wants your startup to succeed. We promise to ensure that every feature and every strategy is in line with your goals to create a captivating and inspiring product. Let's find out what startup development services we offer and why we should be your company of choice.

Accelerate Your Growth with Our Startup Product Development Services

Cody offers the following software development services for startups:

  • Conceptualization and strategy. Before a single line of code is written, we explore your vision, market research, and user needs and develop a product based on your business goals and market demand.
  • UI/UX design. Our design team creates intuitive, engaging, and aesthetically pleasing interfaces.
  • Custom software development. Web, mobile, or desktop apps are customized to meet certain needs if necessary.
  • MVP development. Launching an MVP allows you to validate your product idea with minimal risk. We specialize in MVP development and focus on core functionality to test your product's viability, gather user feedback, and iterate quickly.
  • Technology stack consultation. Our experts provide comprehensive consulting to help you select the optimal technologies for your project.
  • Quality assurance and testing. Our QA team performs extensive testing to identify and fix any issues and guarantee a flawless user experience.
  • Launch support and scaling. Among our software product development services for startups is ongoing support post-launch. We assist with scaling strategies, feature expansions, and optimizations based on user feedback and market trends.
  • Post-launch analysis and iteration. Cody will help you refine and enhance your product to keep it relatable and user-friendly.

When you choose Cody, you get solutions, support, and a partnership that accelerates your growth and business success.

Our Process for Startup Product Development

Here's how we develop projects for startups:

  1. Strategic planning. We start by matching your ideas to the hard realities of the market. Our strategic planning means crafting an ambitious and achievable vision based on insight and extensive experience.
  2. Design and prototyping. Then, your ideas start to take shape as we turn abstract concepts into tangible forms. We focus on creating designs that appeal to your audience and functional prototypes that bring your ideas to life.
  3. Development and testing. Our team of expert developers transforms prototypes into fully functional products. We use the latest technology to build robust and scalable solutions. Rigorous testing ensures that every feature works flawlessly, every user interaction is seamless, and every potential glitch is addressed long before your customers ever encounter them.
  4. Launch and scaling. Launching your product is a monumental step, but you can expect nothing less than success. We provide comprehensive support to ensure a smooth launch, from last-minute arrangements to marketing strategies. As your product gains traction, we're here to support its growth, help you scale effectively, manage growing demand, and continue to innovate and evolve in response to market feedback.

All our processes are infused with a commitment to excellence, a passion for innovation, and a dedication to your success.

Technologies We Work On

Your startup should be equipped with solutions that are relevant today and poised to lead tomorrow. That's why Cody uses the following cutting-edge technologies for startup product development:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). They allow for transforming your data into actionable insights and automating complex processes.
  • Blockchain technology. Blockchain offers security, transparency, and efficiency for developing smart contracts, creating decentralized apps (DApps), and implementing blockchain for secure transactions.
  • Internet of Things (IoT). IoT solutions help connect and scale your operations, such as device management, sensor integration, and real-time data analytics.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). AR and VR development services redefine user engagement, including online shopping, creating virtual tours, and developing interactive training programs.
  • Cloud computing. Cloud computing ensures your infrastructure is flexible, scalable, and secure by using platforms like AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.
  • DevOps practices. DevOps services guarantee faster deployment, improved reliability, and continuous delivery to foster collaboration, streamline workflows, and enhance product quality.
  • Cybersecurity measures. They protect your startup against emerging threats to ensure data integrity and compliance.
  • Custom software development. Our custom software development services cover everything from mobile app development to enterprise solutions using the latest programming languages and frameworks for optimal performance.

Cody fuels your startup's growth and ensures your digital solutions drive success, impact, and transformation.

Why Work With Us?

If you're a startup seeking to make your mark, here's why you should work with us:

  • Our expertise spans across various sectors from Game Development (GameDev) to media and beyond. This gives us the necessary insights and a unique approach needed to understand the challenges and opportunities in your industry.
  • We know that your vision is unique, and a cookie-cutter solution simply won't work. That's why we craft custom strategies and solutions to fit your specific needs and objectives.
  • We will deliver your minimum viable product (MVP) with the perfect balance of swiftness and quality to let you hit the market with confidence, collect valuable feedback, and iterate faster.
  • Our comprehensive suite of services puts all the resources and expertise at your disposal, not just to launch successfully, but to scale and sustain your growth.

With Cody's startup product development solutions by your side, you're poised to redefine the landscape of your startup sector.

Our Engagement Models

Each startup weaves its story, dreams, and challenges. Cody celebrates this diversity by offering engagement models to fit the unique contours of your project:

  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT). Our BOT model is perfect for startups looking to rapidly scale without the upfront investment in infrastructure or the long-term responsibility of managing a development team. We take care of everything from building the product and the team around it to operating it at peak efficiency. Once the time is right, we transfer the entire operation to you and provide continued support if needed.
  • Strategic staff augmentation. There are moments when you need just the right expertise to make the leap. Our strategic staff augmentation model brings you the exact talent and skills your project requires at the right moment to fill critical gaps and supercharge your development capabilities.
  • Custom software development. This model ensures that every line of code, every user interface, and every feature is built with your specific requirements and goals in mind.

No matter what your phase is — the idea stage, gearing up for growth, or being ready to scale — we offer all the necessary support, expertise, and flexibility to assist you.


  1. What is product development in startups?

  2. Product development for startups is the process of turning an idea into a marketable product, going through stages such as ideation, design, development, and launch.

  3. What is the MVP stage?

  4. The MVP (minimum viable product) stage means developing a product with enough features to attract early adopters and validate the product idea early in the product lifecycle.

  5. How do you develop a startup product?

  6. Developing a startup product involves discovering customer needs, defining clear product specifications, designing, prototyping, developing, testing, and iterating based on feedback.

  7. What are the 5 stages of product development?

  8. The five stages of product development are ideation, design, development, testing, and launch & scale.