IT Team/Department Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Services

Cody's BOT service rapidly builds and transfers a managed IT team to you, enhancing your technical capabilities with minimal risk. Gain an innovative team ready for seamless, long-term integration.

01/ Initial Consultation and Planning

Start with defining the scope and objectives for the new IT team or department, including skills, size, and operational goals.

03/ Operational Management and Improvement

We manage the team's operations, applying best practices in software development, project management, and quality assurance to ensure high performance.

05/ Post-Transfer Support

Cody offers post-transfer support to address any challenges and ensure the team continues to operate effectively within your organizational structure.

02/ Team Formation and Development

Cody builds the IT team with the right mix of skills and experience, focusing on creating a cohesive and effective unit.

04/ Transfer Preparation and Execution

During the operational phase, we ensure a seamless transition by training your staff and transferring knowledge, then formally hand over the team, with Cody supporting a smooth changeover and operational continuity.

06/ Success Metrics

The success of the BOT service is evaluated based on the team's integration, performance, and contribution to your business goals, ensuring a strong foundation for future growth.

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Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is a project financing and operational model primarily used in the development of large-scale, infrastructure projects and the IT industry for setting up and expanding operations. Cody offers first-class build-operate transfer IT services integrating with your existing operations to help businesses succeed.

How it Works: The Process of Team Augmentation

Cody's Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model is a meticulously designed framework that enables your business to keep pace with technological advances and innovation. It consists of three key phases:

  1. Build. We engage closely with you to understand your vision, challenges, and goals, using our expertise to custom-create an IT team or department that is appropriate for your company and strategy.
  2. Operate. Cody takes the helm in managing your new IT powerhouse. We ensure uninterrupted operational excellence and foster Ongoing Development and Maintenance Support. In short, you can divert your focus and resources back to your core business, safe in the knowledge that your IT operations are in expert hands.
  3. Transfer. At this phase, control and ownership of the fully operational team or department are handed over to you. This is not just a transfer of assets. It's a turnkey solution rich in processes, knowledge, and a culture of innovation developed under our control.

Our model is flexible, scalable, and aligned with your long-term goals, without the traditional risks and investments associated with IT capacity expansion.

Custom IT Team Creation

Our Strategic Staff Augmentation approach translates your vision into an actionable IT strategy that yields results. You get a team that is perfectly synced with your current operations and is adaptable to seize future opportunities. Our experts can do anything — from developing cutting-edge custom apps that wow your customers to integrating Digital Transformation technologies into your operations.

Your success is important to us, and it is reflected in every solution we craft. Every project Cody takes on is an opportunity to improve efficiency and productivity. Standing still is not an option. That's why our solutions will meet your immediate needs and prepare your business for future challenges and opportunities.

Why Choose Our BOT Services: Benefits and Success Stories

Here are some of the convincing reasons why our build operate transfer services stand out:

  • Rapid scalability without overheads. You can rapidly scale up or down your business and respond nimbly to market demands without the burden of traditional hiring.
  • Access to world-class talent. Skilled IT experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience across various technologies and industries.
  • Seamless transition to in-house management. We also promise to put a fully operational and successful project into your hands. We provide knowledge transfer and operational readiness so that your team can take over easily.
  • Cost-effective solutions. Our strategic approach minimizes your operational costs and maximizes output and efficiency.
  • Customized solutions for every need. Custom app development, system optimization, or integrating new technologies — no matter the idea, we provide build-operate transfer consulting to offer bespoke solutions for various business needs and challenges.

Through the build-operate transfer model in IT industry, the companies we worked with have realized incredible benefits, including improvements in operational efficiency and reduction in IT operating costs, as well as the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Partner with us, and your success will no longer be a dream.


  1. What is a Build-Operate-Transfer Model?

  2. The BOT model is a form of project delivery and operational service where a partner company (like Cody) is contracted to build a comprehensive service or department, operate it to ensure stability and efficiency, and then transfer it back to the client, fully operational.

  3. What makes the BOT model different from traditional outsourcing?

  4. Unlike conventional outsourcing, the BOT model offers a pathway to ownership and control over the operations and resources developed during the partnership.

  5. What benefits can tech companies receive from BOT?

  6. Tech companies can use BOT for rapid scaling of operations, access to world-class expertise, risk mitigation in new market entries, and cost-effective solutions for digital transformation and ongoing development.

  7. Are there any disadvantages in BOT that you need to consider?

  8. While BOT offers many benefits, you should consider factors, such as the transition period for transferring operations and ensuring alignment with the partner company's culture and standards. However, with Cody as your build-operate-transfer consultant, we ensure a transparent process matches your needs.